Engage Your Students with Mobile Applications

OnCell’s intuitive platform was the perfect choice in creating a mobile Campus Tour app, allowing prospective students and campus visitors the chance to experience Yale outside of our established hospitality offerings.

- John Yi, Senior Assistant Director, Yale University Office of Undergraduate Admissions

  • Orient Your Visitor

    GPS-enabled mobile phone tours have a location-awareness feature that helps create a custom experience for your campus visitors. Smart street maps integrate with Google® Maps and are ideal for guiding visitors around campus or providing directions to nearby points of interest within the mobile app.

  • Gather Valuable Data

    OnCell mobile tour apps deliver valuable real-time analytics about your campus visitors and allow you to create surveys for immediate feedback that will help you improve your tour or give you a sense of prospective students’ interest after touring campus.

  • Provide the Most Current Information

    OnCell provides a unique web app that is updated in real time. Update it as often as you’d like with campus events, temporary exhibits, or seasonal points of interest around the college or university.

  • Provide Tours in Multiple Languages

    OnCell offers multi-language support, providing an accessible virtual campus tour option for foreign students. In fact, a virtual tour app in their own language may be preferable to a tour led by an English-speaking student.

  • Give a Tour on Their Time

    Campus tours are limited to specific times when school is in session, but what about those students who visit during vacations or at off-times? Give prospective students the opportunity to take a tour no matter when they arrive to campus by letting them access a rich, multimedia app on their smartphone.

  • Appeal to Many Visitors

    Take advantage of the technology that prospective students are already carrying. OnCell tours work on ANY device with a web browser and can be published as native iPhone® or Android® apps at a fraction of the price of developing one from scratch. No need to worry about what kind of smartphone your visitor is carrying; OnCell works on them all.

You choose whether to offer your app on the web, Apple or Google Play stores. So many options. Something for everyone.

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Yale University

New Haven, CT, United States

Explore Yale on your own schedule with this enriched walking tour experience for prospective students. The Yale Admissions Campus app gives students the ability to walk the grounds without a guide and explore at their own pace. The app features audio narration, turn by turn directions and multiple tour routes. Download today and enjoy exclusive access to this prestigious institution!

MIT List Visual Arts Center

Cambridge, MA, United States

The List Visual Arts Center app provides an inside look into MIT’s contemporary art museum allowing users to take self guided tours and access the museum’s programming and events. The app also provides users with exclusive content regarding the in-depth architectural history of the MIT campus using images and audio. A one stop shop for any art and architecture lovers!