Create a Mobile Concierge App for Guests

Easily provide guests with customized information about your amenities, hotel activities, interesting historical information, and guided tours of the surrounding area. For larger properties, a location-aware map can provide GPS-based wayfinding for your guests around the hotel or resort, from the pool to the spa to their room. It's like giving every guest their own personal concierge.

  • Orient Your Guests

    A GPS-enabled location-aware map integrated with Google® Maps delivers an invaluable tool to provide directions to points of interest for your guests and visitors.

  • Real-time Feedback Tool

    Capture your guests’ feedback, questions, and thoughts – in real-time. Our powerful feedback tool gives you the opportunity to respond to their comments, potentially even before they’ve left the property. It also provides a mechanism to use the best feedback to increase your rating on TripAdvisor®.

  • Ease the Burden on Your Staff

    A concierge app can answer the most common questions which your concierge and front of the house staff answer over and over again.

  • Gather Valuable Data

    TourSphere™ delivers valuable real-time analytics about your hotel visitors and allows you to determine your ROI.

  • Provide the Most Current Information

    OnCell provides a unique web app that is updated in real-time. Your hotel guide app is never stale – if something changes or moves, you can let your guests know right away.

  • No Hardware Needed

    Connect with your visitors using their own devices. There are no equipment or hardware costs to you.

You choose whether to offer your app on the web, Apple or Google Play stores. So many options. Something for everyone.

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