Bring your city to life with location-aware tourism apps and city guides for tourists.

Whether it’s a city virtual tour or a mobile tour of a neighborhood, apps for tourists have exploded in popularity over the past few years. OnCell's destination marketing apps gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about a particular place while also providing you with the chance to draw them in and give them relevant information that will enrich their visitor experience.

  • Orient Your Visitors

    GPS-enabled mobile phone tours have a location-awareness feature that helps create a custom experience for your visitors and physically guides them around your city or tourist destination. Smart street maps integrate with Google™ Maps and are ideal for walking tours, biking tours, and driving tours.

  • Instant Visitor Notifications

    Push custom messages to visitors such as alerts for special events, special offers, or when there is new content to access.

  • Provide the Most Current Information

    OnCell provides a unique web app that is updated in real time. Your tourist app is never stale; if something changes or moves, updates to the app are done in real time.

  • Provide Multiple Languages

    Multi-language support allows you to reach more visitors and serve international travelers.

  • Appeal to Many Visitors

    Take advantage of the technology that your tourists are already carrying. OnCell tours work on ANY device with a web browser and can be published as native iPhone® or Android® apps at a fraction of the price of developing one from scratch. No need to worry about what kind of mobile phone your visitor is carrying, OnCell works on them all.

  • Integrate Sponsors or Advertisers

    Fund or monetize your app or other projects with sponsorship and advertiser integration, which can be branded directly into your app.