Location-aware beacon apps for indoor and outdoor sites.

What are proximity beacons and how do they work? Beacons are low-energy transmitters that utilize Bluetooth technology to trigger content within a native app found on a user's smart device. A distance range is set for the beacon and it broadcasts a continuous signal of its location. When a visitor with Bluetooth enabled on their device walks into this range, they receive a pop up alert detailing a custom message. The visitor taps the alert and is taken to a targeted page in your app.

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    Create Custom Experiences

    Reach visitors as they navigate your space and deliver only the most relevant content to enhance their onsite experience.

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    Connectivity Not Required

    Beacons run on Bluetooth, so no wifi or cellular connectivity is required to transmit messages to your visitors.

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    Craft Your Own Message

    OnCell beacons connect with our CMS, allowing you to have full control of what message your visitors receive.

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    Easy to Deploy

    OnCell beacons are shipped preconfigured with your native app and ready to deploy at your site.

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    Museum Beacon Tours

    Turn your app into a digital docent and deliver rich, educational media, including video and audio, based on your visitors' location. Welcome visitors as they walk through your doors or usher them to areas that are often overlooked.

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    Beacons Apps for Parks

    With weather resistant housing, long battery life, and the added perk of not requiring connectivity, beacons are a great way to connect with your visitors when they are off the beaten path.

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    Beacons for Cities and DMOs

    Help tourists find partner businesses and things to do based on their precise location. Use beacons to create precision marketing campaigns and connect with tourists as they move throughout your city.

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    Proximity Marketing for Retail

    Retailers can use beacons for proximity marketing and send personalized discounts, product recommendations, and rewards to customers based on their location.

Annenberg Space for Photography


Annenberg Space for Photography Proximity Beacon Tour App

The Annenberg Space for Photography showcases rotating exhibitions of digital and print photography and features both renowned and emerging talents. The Annenberg uses our CMS to update content as exhibitions change. Their app features both English and Spanish language video tours. The Annenberg uses 20 beacons throughout their intimate space to alert native app users of photos that have interpretive content. The beacons are set to a close trigger range and allow visitors to access content without needing to navigate the app or scan QR codes.

Available in these formats:

App Store Button Google Play Android App button

The Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission


Outdoor beacon for park tour with custom housing and sign

Proximity beacons were deployed at The American Indian Village at Patuxent River Park, a replicated Eastern Woodland Indian Village. The site was designed to give visitors the opportunity to explore the history of the First Peoples of Prince George's County, Maryland. The beacons deployed at this outdoor site have a typical battery life of 18 months and are mounted underneath the park's interpretive signs. The beacons trigger educational content for visitors that have the native app installed on their personal devices.

Available in these formats:

Download the Indian Village App in the App Store Download the Indian Village App in Google Play

James A. Michener Art Museum


Named for the Pulitzer Prize–winning writer, the James A. Michener Museum of Art is siturated in a historic 19th-century prison. Located in historic Bucks County, PA, their museum houses a collection of local visual arts and Pennsylvania Impressionists, along with holdings of 19th- and 20th-century American art. The Michener uses 12 beacons to automatically trigger tour content for visitors as they navigate the exhibit space.

Available in these formats:

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