A Mobile App Builder to Bring History to Life

  • Guide Your Visitors

    Add interactive maps of your historic site to help visitors explore your venue and tell its story.

  • Be Location Aware

    Use beacons or GPS to create a custom experience for your visitors depending on where they are within your site.

  • Expand Your Tour Options

    Provide your visitors with beautiful custom maps, photos, videos, audio, interactive images, and other opportunities to interact with exhibits.

  • Provide the Most Current Information

    OnCell provides a unique web app that is updated in real time. Your tour app is never stale; if an exhibit changes or your team adds new content, updates to the app are in real time.

  • Cut Down on Equipment Expenses

    Remove the burden of keeping audio tour equipment on hand by providing cell phone tours. Take advantage of the technology that your visitors are already carrying–their own mobile devices.

  • Gather Valuable Data

    OnCell mobile tour apps deliver valuable real-time analytics about your visitors and allow you to create visitor surveys for additional feedback.

You choose whether to offer your app on the web, Apple or Google Play stores. So many options. Something for everyone.

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Customer App Examples

Castine Historical Society

Castine, ME, United States

The Castine History Highlights app opens a door to the past, the 19th century to be exact! With background on key historic sites you can explore on foot or by car as you listen to exclusive audio about a unique town with a rich international past spanning 400 years. Other app features include surveys and interactive mapping to keep the user on the right track!

Trustees of Reservations

North Androver, MA, United States

History comes alive at two of The Trustees’ National Historic Landmark properties: Castle Hill on the Crane Estate and The Old Manse, whose residents witnessed the first shots of the American Revolution. This app focuses on these stunning landscapes and the people and events that shaped them over time. Whether you’re a history buff, literature fan, or just a little bit curious, you’ll enjoy getting outside and exploring these intriguing places with some expert knowledge to add to your visit. Featuring information on events, the app not only allows you to tour the grounds at your own pace, but have insider access in the click of a button.

National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Atlanta, GA, United States

This audio tour guides you through The American Civil Rights Movement which will immerse you in a visceral experience of sights, sounds and interactive displays depicting the courageous struggles of individuals working to transform the United States from Jim Crow laws to equal rights for all. 

The app provides you with the opportunity to explore galleries, follow events closely and donate all in one place. Available in English and Spanish.

Calico Rock Museum

Calico Rock, AR, United States

Explore Calico Rock! By downloading the app and participating in the activities users can earn badges to unlock anything from a free ice cream to museum discounts. Serving as the perfect travel companion the app grants you access to everything from fishing guides to recommendations on where to stop for gas.

Florida Humanities Council

St. Petersburg, FL, United States

Florida Stories' walking tours allow you to delve behind the scenes of your favorite Florida towns to learn more about their history, culture, and architecture. Each tour is GPS enabled and includes audio narration providing you with unique content at each stop. As you stroll through the streets, enjoy the lively and colorful stories about these vibrant communities. App features include a favorites button to save sites you would like to re-visit and 33 available walking tours.