Our Story

OnCell allows you to harness the power of mobile technology to help your visitors explore, engage, and discover arts and culture in new ways. Choose from a wide range of amazing features including location-based mobile tour delivery, native and web apps, audio guides, gaming, and beacons to share your stories.

The OnCell team has worked on over thousands of projects both in the U.S. and internationally since its inception in 2006 with clients ranging from museums, parks, attractions, cities, and historic sites of all sizes. In December 2018, OnCell acquired Authentic, a New Zealand-based industry-leading mobile technology company, showing our passion to continue to deliver cutting-edge mobile tour experiences worldwide. OnCell expanded its global footprint further with the acquisition of US based Tour App Guide creator, Tour Buddy Apps, in August 2019.

The acquisitions mean there is now a range of solutions to meet the differing needs of your organization.

My Tours empowers organizations to create easy to use, beautiful mobile tour apps.
Curtis delivers stunning searchable websites and kiosks for your collections.
STQRY allows you to share your stories via a collective app where you can search for local attractions.
Tour Buddy Apps creates a better visitor experience and connects people with places they want to learn about.

We would love to work on your next project with you. So get in touch or take a tour!

Our Mission


We do a lot, with a little

We focus on what matters, not what's shiny and new.

We make our clients and partners awesome

We work with the most amazing museums, collections, destinations, attractions, and parks, we want to help them be even more amazing.

We love what we do

We know we can make a difference so we work hard, have fun and treat people with respect.

Meet Our Team

OnCell is a unique collaboration of artists, entrepreneurs, and technologists. We see the world through a creative lens—and we believe that mobile technology can ignite a new wave of learning about our world.

  • Thomas Dunne

    CEO & President

  • Glen Barnes

    Chief Product Officer

  • Kevin Grinberg

    Chief Technologist

  • Ana Schneller

    Office Manager

  • Julia Schonrock

    Marketing Director

  • EJ Dunne

    Software Developer

  • Hugo Morgan

    Software Developer

  • Kyle Pierce

    Senior Territory Manager

  • Melissa Carlisle

    Senior Territory Manager

  • Tom Rapp

    Partner Channel Manager

  • Josh Gilbert

    Director of Customer Experience

  • Genevieve Hauck

    Marketing Communications Manager

  • Sean Houston

    Customer Success Manager

  • Natalie Nguyen

    Customer Success Manager

  • Travis Luty

    Customer Success Manager

  • Lydia Ireland

    Customer Success Manager

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