Company History

With a wide range of services including a DIY app builder, web and native apps, audio guides, content production, onsite devices, mobile scavenger hunts and games, and location-aware beacons, OnCell allows you to harness the power of mobile technology. As mobile communication experts who are passionate about the arts and education, the OnCell team has worked on over 2,200 projects both in the U.S. and internationally since 2006.

OnCell acquired Boston-based tech start-up TourSphere in December 2013 to continue our commitment to delivering cutting-edge mobile tour experiences through mobile technology. TourSphere’s industry-leading mobile app builder provided an exciting way for cultural sites and organizations to offer immersive experiences to their visitors via smartphones and tablets. Paired with OnCell’s expertise in self-guided mobile tours and interactive solutions, the acquisition of TourSphere continues to cement our place as a leader in the mobile tour space. The launching of this, our new website, represents the final stage of our merger. We welcome you to take the tour!

Meet Our Team

OnCell is a unique collaboration of artists, entrepreneurs, and technologists. We see the world through a creative lens—and we believe that mobile technology can ignite a new wave of learning about our world.

  • Thomas Dunne

    CEO & President

    Thomas Dunne is the founder of OnCell and has served as Chief Executive Officer and President since OnCell's inception on November 4, 2006. He earned his A.S. from the University of Florida and a B.S. in Economics from the University of North Florida.

  • Kevin Dooley

    VP Market Development

    Kevin Dooley is in charge of identifying and leveraging sales and marketing opportunities and developing account support processes at OnCell. Kevin brings several years of experience with VoIP and telecom solutions to the OnCell team. Kevin obtained his M.B.A. degree at RIT and his B.S. in Marketing from SUNY Brockport.

  • Monica Barndt

    Director of Marketing

  • Kevin Grinberg

    Chief Technologist

  • Keenan Bartlett

    Lead Software Developer

  • Sarah Vane

    Client Account Manager

  • Justin Hubbell

    Graphic Artist

  • Allison Williams

    Client Account Manager

  • Marc Mehlenbacher

    Software Developer

  • Alaura Jacobs

    Client Account Manager

  • Melissa Carlisle

    Senior Territory Manager

  • Kyle Pierce

    Senior Territory Manager

  • Tom Rapp

    Territory Manager

  • Ana Dooley

    Office Manager

  • Nick Martin

    Software Developer

  • Christopher Russell

    International Advisor

  • Nick Cialdella

    Territory Manager

  • Nick D'Ambrosia

    Territory Manager

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