Official Partner of the U.S. Forest Service

OnCell has worked closely with the U.S. Forest Service to create a unique mobile program which aims launch an app for every forest. After opting into the program, OnCell helps each forest launch an app with ranger and staff-curated educational content, historic images, maps, and essential visitor information. Each forest then takes over the mobile project and uses the OnCell App Builder to extend the experience with more points of interest, wayfinding information, and keeps visitors up to date with push notification alerts. Contact us to learn more about how to opt into the program!

  • Offline Access to Essential Info

    Provide forest information when visitors are offline, allowing them to plan their trip on the go or in between recreational activities. With native apps, all the content is downloaded onto a visitor's device, allowing them to access the information at anytime. Instant, unlimited updates provide the most up to date information, allowing you to make changes based on seasons and answer the most frequently asked questions.

  • Download the National Forest & Grasslands Explorer!

    Use this portal app to locate forests near you and access all of the offical forest guides in one app! Download it today in the App Store and Google Play. New forest destinations are added weekly!

  • Orient & Educate Visitors

    Allow visitors to discover recreational opportunities, learn more about natural and cultural sites, and locate visitor centers. Provide directions with GPS and interactive offline maps and detail trail locations, decriptions, and amenities.

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  • Two-Way Communication

    Leverage your app as a communication tool. Send out time sensitive information such as safety alerts or events with push notifications. Provide visitors with up to date information by integrating your existing news and events RSS feeds. One-touch calling to Visitor Centers, Ranger Stations, and existing info lines allow visitor to easily contact your destination. Include surveys which allow visitors to give feedback on their experience and report hazards they encounter.

  • Our mobile app has been embraced here on the Cleveland National Forest and we are using its full potential to help our visitors and communities around us. We have been utilizing the push alerts to notify visitors and residents of the status of new fires, locations, evacuation notices, and road closures. I have no doubt that because we have had so many app downloads, the alerts and the app have helped reach users and save lives on these trails as well as tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars.
    - Joey Martin, Assistant Recreation Officer, Cleveland National Forest