Develop a Custom App for Your Clients

OnCell's easy-to-use app building platform and innovative features can help you to better serve your clients. Whether you are building mobile apps for two or two thousand clients, we have solutions to fit your needs and budget.

  • Quick & Easy App Generator

    Building an app can take incredible amounts of time and many thousands of dollars. With OnCell you can build an app quickly with our user-friendly, programmer-free platform. Our content and creative team can also build the app for you.

  • Repurpose Content

    Take your client's existing imagery, audio, or video and use our our app builder as a tool to give content new life. Easily update the app as new content becomes available.

  • Custom Look & Feel

    OnCell apps can be customized to meet the unique style and branding needs of your clients.

  • Native iOS & Android Apps

    Submitting apps to the App Store and Google Play can be a tedious process, with lots of red tape. Our team jumps through the hoops for you. Our engineers ensure your app performs well over time as new software versions are released.

  • Become a Reseller

    If your firm needs to meet the mobile needs of many clients, contact us to become a partner reseller.

  • Engage Users

    With features such as interactive surveys, instant notifications, and location-awareness, OnCell apps allow organizations to engage directly with users.

You choose whether to offer your app on the web, Apple or Google Play stores. So many options. Something for everyone.

Ready to get started? Try our tour builder for free or get in touch!