Create rich mobile app experiences using only the features you need.

The OnCell App Builder is the fastest and most flexible way for you to build your mobile app on your choice of device. Our web-based content management system allows you to create, publish, and manage your apps from one unified platform. To get started, you'll first need to decide what type of apps you would like, what type of features you want to include in the app, and how you want to build your app.

What features are right for you?

Each OnCell product plan comes with unlimited content, unlimited downloads, customer support, and instant updates. The OnCell App Builder is integrated with a robust analytics console, Google Field Trip, and a QR code generator–all of which are accessible for every project. 

Easy to use web-based tour creator

Upload and customize your content from anywhere with an internet connection.

Multi-platform support

Support for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, as well as mobile web.

Support for in-app purchases & coupons

Free tours, in-app purchases, coupons. Take your pick, or use a mix of all three. You keep 100% of the revenue.

GPS-based alerts (geofencing) & beacons

Give users a notification based on where they are. Geo-fenced alerts are great for biking, driving and boat tours; whereas our beacons help navigate a smaller area.

Powerful mapping

Satellite, street, and terrain maps means there’s a perfect option for you. And if there isn’t, custom maps means you can make your own.

App theming

Personalize your app with custom banner, loading image and color schemes.

Multimedia support

Share your story through rich-text, audio, and images, as well as video.

Multiple tours per app

Grouped tours: categorize by place, theme, or anything you want.


Localized in 18 languages: the app automatically switches based on the device’s language.

Always up to date

New features and bug fixes are yours for no additional cost.

Real time content updates

Hit publish and your changes go live, whether it’s a new image or a new tour.

App Concierge and 5 Star Support

Focus on crafting your content, while we take care of the hard stuff.

Interactive app features

Create a quiz or badges to offer your users a fun experience that will challenge and motivate them.

How do you want visitors to access your app?

With OnCell there is no need to choose between native and web apps. Pick one or opt for both for maximum distribution.

Web App

Use the OnCell App Builder to create an app that works on all web-enabled smartphones and tablets. Web apps are accessible via a unique URL and require WiFi or cellular connectivity. They are instantly available to visitors, so no downloads are necessary.

With web apps, visitors use their own devices to access your app. Easily push updates to deliver the most current information available.

Native App

Does your site lack or have spotty internet access? Are you looking for a presence in the iTunes® App Store or Google Play? Would you like to have onsite devices available for checkout or add proximity beacons to your mobile strategy? Then native apps are for you!

With Native Apps, visitors download your app to their own devices. You can make updates anytime. We handle the entire app store submission process for you and ensure your apps perform well as new software versions are introduced.

Do you need help with your app?

The OnCell App Builder is a user-friendly platform with DIY in mind. For organizations without the time or staff, we can jump-start your project for you.

Build it yourself

The most affordable way to get an app. Easily build a mobile app yourself and invite your colleagues to contribute. With our app builder there is no coding required–simply upload and organize your content.


The fastest, easiest way to get an app. With our Quickstart package, our mobile experts work closely with you to build a unique app with your content. We hand you the keys when it’s done.

Custom App

Our designers and engineers create a custom app just for you. We can incorporate your organization's branding, create inspiring content, and even build custom functionality.

Take a Free Test Drive to try out the builder right away, or get in touch with us to talk about a solution that's right for you.